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Grape Jane

Orange wine 2020, Macia Batle

€19,00 EUR
€19,00 EUR

The Orange wine from our beloved island Mallorca has all the looks. She almost doesn't need an explanation cause’ well.. she looks so stunning already! 

This orange wine is a white wine produced in the same way as a red wine. The grape skins of the white grapes remain in contact with the must, just like with red wine. This adds such a characteristic color of oranges or amber.

Jane loves this orange wine with a slightly amber color. It even changes over time, becoming more orange. It has a marked structure, full-bodied, tannic, with mineral notes, salty touches and a long-lasting aftertaste. With a very good and balanced acidity, it is fresh and aromatic. You'll find notes of white flowers, sun-dried fruit, especially dried apricots and light balsamic notes, ends with surprising bitterness and acidity for a white wine.

Grape variety: ​​Prensal 50%, Malvasia 25% and Giro Ros 25%
13% Vol.
Service Temperature: 8 - 10ºC 

Humor fact
Since orange wine is becoming a ‘thing’ and everybody is so lyrical about it, our winery Macia Batle thought it would be nice to put a naranja on the label! Does it really taste like oranges? One way to figure that out..