We only stock wines full of individuality and personality. Looking for fruity and accessible? Or maybe something that has more body and a pronounced taste? Either way, we like to curate selections of wine that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Below you will find an understanding of all the wine flavours and best moments to open each bottle, along with each vibrant flavour profile and why Jane fell in love with each and every one.

Margalida Llompart Rosado 2020, Macia Batle, rose wine

Margalida Llompart Rose is not your typical, sassy rose from Spain. She stands out with her blush, peach colour and provides a glass full of Indian Summer. You will smell wild strawberries, some laurel and even smoky tones. You will taste aromas of stone fruit and a bit of honey, her acidity is well composed giving a fresh sensation. Bring her along to a Summer soiree and enjoy while you all nibble on a slice jamón.

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Albaflor blanco 2020, Vins Nadal, white wine

Albaflor Blanco is a light, fruitful and voluminous white wine from our island bodega Vins Nadal, from the harvest of 2020. Since bodega Vins Nadal is constantly optimising the winemaking process in a more sustainable way, this Albaflor is most commonly associated with a Vin Naturel. Find white fruit aromas, such as apple and peach, and tropical fruit aromas, such as pineapple, along with light anise and citric fruit notes. On the palate, is dry, fresh, and with balance acidity, with a pleasant stone fruit aftertaste and long finish.

Jane recommends opening the bottle at least 15 min. before drinking.

Jane likes to call this the 'tropical white'.

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Orange wine 2021, Macia Batle

The Orange wine has a marked structure, full-bodied, tannic, with mineral notes, salty touches and a long-lasting aftertaste. With a very good and balanced acidity, it is fresh and aromatic. You'll find notes of white flowers, sun-dried fruit, especially dried apricots and light balsamic notes, ends with surprising bitterness and acidity for a white wine.

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Margalida Llompart blanco 2019, Macia Batle, white wine

Margalida Llompart blanco is an absolute warm, voluminous white wine from Mallorca. A pronounced, piquant nose delivers a real melange of complex stone fruit aromas. Find a glass full of nectarine and sweet yellow grapefruit confit with a slick touch of vanilla pod and creamy oak spice. It's acidity is so well balanced. Jane likes to call this the 'oaky white'.

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Margalida Llompart Negre 2017, Macia Batle, red wine

This Margalida Llompart negre is a red wine from our island bodega Macia Batle. In the glass it shows a ruby garnet colour. The complex aromas created by the oak bring a smoky, balsamic note and later some spicy aromas like cinnamon and vanilla. Jane loves cinnamon and it is this flavour aroma that makes this wine so unique. The aromas of very ripe red fruit are also a plus. If you let the wine breathe, even creamy aromas of cocoa and toasted bread appear in the glass. Simply delicious with a long taste and persistence.

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Rosso di Montalcino, Baccinetti 2020, red wine

Rosso di Montalcino from our beloved winery Baccinetti, Montalcino, is the perfect red wine to start the evening with. The concentrated palate shows a ruby red colour, fruity aroma's of cherry, plum and spices. This Rosso has a good structure and is completely in balance, even shows some earthy tones and ends with soft tannins. Jane can highly recommend to drink this red wine a bit chilled on summer days. 

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Brunello di Montalcino 2016, Saporoia Baccinetti, red wine

Brunello di Montalcinofrom our beloved winery Baccinetti, Montalcino, is what we call the 'big brother' of our Rosso di Montalcino. You will find aromas of scorched earth, black-skinned fruit and tobacco. Now that scorched earth might sound a bit distasteful but trust Jane, you'll be thrilled. The concentrated palate shows ripe black plum, liqorice and clove alongside chewy tannins. Some notes of Jane's friends: elegant cherries, figs, a bit of jam, some eucalyptus, toasted pine nuts, leather, cedar and oak. Short conclusion: this wine has beautiful layers and there is a lot to discover.

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