Jane's passion for wines started when she became old enough to indulge in them. Bottles from the local supermarket underwent rigorous testing, receiving grades, and had their details recorded in her notebook. She went on to organize several wine-tasting evenings at her home, where she and her friends would sample different wines and engage in animated discussions about them. Despite her early passion for wine, she eventually decided to pursue a career in fashion but not for too long.

In her career, she held various marketing positions, but the passion for wine remained. So it was a no-brainer when her boyfriend, sailor by profession, asked her to ride with him to Montalcino in times of covid to load up the car with Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino. His best friend's aunt with a vineyard there (because married to an Italian) had to be put off; because of covid, no wine could be exported.  

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With a big white Defender full of delicious red wine from Montalcino, they drove back to the Netherlands and that's where the sales began. Just from the back of the car, to anyone who loved it. Friends, family and acquaintances were enthusiastic and in no time the first batch was sold. That tasted like more.

After a year, the opportunity to move to Mallorca presented itself and Jane decided to quit her job in the fashion industry. Mallorca, the Spanish island that offers endless opportunities in sailing but also makes great wines. Jane, social as she is, had discovered the most beautiful vineyards and met friendly winemakers in no time. The wines of Mallorca, surely the rest of the world had to get to know them too. And Grape Jane was born. The collection already consists of 13 wines and Jane? She is far from finished learning and tasting.

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