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Xeremia Prensal Blanc 2022, Macia Batle, white wine

Xeremia Prensal Blanc 2022, Macia Batle, white wine

€19,00 EUR
€19,00 EUR
Xeremia Prensal Blanc 2022, Macia Batle, white wine
Xeremia Prensal Blanc, is an aromatic, crisp fresh wine made from Mallorca's indigenous grape variety premsal.

Made of 100% prensal grapes, It's no surprise that the label shows an instrument inextricably linked to the island as well; a Xeremia. This traditional instrument is always present in the folk festivities of the island.
Once in the glass it shows a bright yellow color. Characterised by its aromatic diversity, floral and fruity essences, you will find hints of oak, dried fruit and mineral elements. 
Jane loves the flavour of dried apricots which is so distinctive for the prensal grape. 
The wine owes its minerality to the arable area of Mallorca "Call Vermell".
On the palate, a refined, fresh, flavoursome, crisp and balanced wine.
Sounds like music to your ears? Make sure you'll have a box because 1 bottle doesn't make an orchestra ;-)
Made with love in Santa Maria del Camí, Mallorca by Bodega Macia Batle.
A box contains 6 bottles

Grape variety: 100% Prensal (indigenous grape variety from Mallorca) 
13,5% Vol.
Service Temperature: max. at 11ºC to maximise it's organoleptic characteristics
About the wine process
The harvesting of Prensal blanc grapes takes place mid September. Pneumatic presses control by design the precise extraction of the grape must, to obtain only the pure flower extract. 

Once all impurities have been removed, the fermentation begins with select yeasts, at a controlled temperature not exceeding 17ºC, in new barrels of rich French oak wood, where it sits for 6 months before being bottled, resting a further 6 months in bottle.

Bottled at the end of May 2022.  

Jane’s recommendation
This wine is perfect for mid-afternoon aperitifs. It goes with many appetisers. Prefer it with dinner? Go for a dish with white fish and rice.