A little know-how about the wines from Mallorca wouldn’t hurt, so let’s start a little introduction. The island of Mallorca (also spelled Majorca) is one of the four Balearic islands...

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Unveiling hidden gems: Exploring indigenous wines of Mallorca
A little know-how about the wines from Mallorca wouldn’t hurt, so let’s start a little introduction. The island of Mallorca (also spelled Majorca) is one of the four Balearic islands of the Eastern coast of Spain and by far in the top 3 of Jane’s favorite islands. As she lived on the island in 2021 and commutes since then back and forth between Mallorca and Holland you can call her a bit of a wine nomad. Yes, I can see you visualizing Mallorca; beautiful beaches, delicious seafood, rocky hills and liters of Sangria (also wine-based)! Oh well, you might not be so familiar with the wine from the indigenous grapes of the island, so let me tell you all about it.

Mallorcan wine industry flourishes with unique terroir, embracing distinctive flavors and local Pride.
The island’s warm climate and unique soil composition give the grapes grown there a distinct flavor profile. We work directly with local wineries on the island to source the finest wines available. You see, there was a time when all Mallorcan wine pretty much tasted the same: fashionable French grape varieties were used and everyone followed the same elaboration procedure. Not any more. Mallorcan wine producers have found their pride in their own product.

You might have heard of the Spanish D.O. - Denominación de Origen wines, such as those from Rioja and Ribera del Duero. Nevertheless, Jane is a fan, she likes to walk in the opposite direction than where the main crowd goes, and so she headed to the small wine cellars of Mallorca. On Mallorca there are more than 30 native and international grape varieties cultivated, some still in experimentation. Most of the vines are spread in the area around Manacor, the ones you will find at Grape Jane are from the area of Binissalem and Santa Maria del Camí.

Mallorca's wine diversity: A harmonious blend of local and international grape varieties
Mallorca will serve you a lot of blended wines; international grape varieties blend with the local grapes. Native white varieties in Mallorca include Moli, which is often blended with Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir. The white variety Prensal is one of Jane’s favorites as you will find it in a lot of wines from Grape Jane’s selection. Prensal Blanc is mostly used as a blending grape to create lighter wines with lower acidity. Although Grape Jane offers this grape variety in a monocépage as well (100% Prensal Blanc).

It is not a secret that most producers go for a blend with an internationally known grape, so that the visitors recognize at least some of the grapes in the Mediterranean character and can identify with the taste. Most of the native grapes you may find in your glass are Callet, Manto negro, Fogoneu and Gargollasa in the red grape category or Prensal Blanc, Moscatel, Malvasía and Giró Ros; the white grapes. Giró Ros is mostly used to produce wines with a high level of alcohol, you will find this grape in a blend in Grape Jane’s Orange wine.

Manto negro tends to produce lightly colored, soft, light bodied red wines that are often high in alcohol. Grape Jane’s rose and Margalida Llompart negre both contain this grape variety. Manto negro responds well to oak treatment but can be prone to oxidation, therefore the wines made from the grape are often meant to be consumed young.

So can we talk about a certain ‘island flavour’? Not really, as the taste is related to so many factors. It includes first of all the grape varieties used as well as the location and altitude of the vineyard as well as the proximity to the sea, the vinification method and maturation as the winemakers style.

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